The Lake House Lodge & Spa

The Lake House Lodge & Spa

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About Us

Our Vision

Since the Highland Lake dam was built in 1789 to power the first grist mill in the area, the beautiful environs have attracted many a visitor.  Our adventures here began in the early 1980s when I was captured by its peacefulness and beauty on an afternoon drive.  The moment we drove in by the falls, it was like entering another world. Since then, what began as a turn of the century summer camp, has been lovingly renovated into a country inn and and award winning restaurant.  In the years that followed, we slowly evolved into a unique resort retreat community… with the first completed neighborhood winning numerous national awards. 

Each stage of this evolution has been advanced by a desire to create places that nurture the human spirit, spaces where people can tend to what really matters—family, relationship, making a difference, and reconnecting with the very things that give our lives meaning.

Whether you come to Highland Lake to relax, to work or to live, you come to a place that is grounded in the real stuff of life. Here, you can taste vegetables still growing in the garden. You can hear birds and crickets and the occasional rain on your roof. You can watch goats play and chickens run around the barnyard. You can swim in the lake, walk in the forest, and enjoy sunset from a canoe. You can find time for conversation with those you love and those you meet along the way. You can also find the space to be still.

Throughout the 200 acres that constitute Highland Lake, we've worked to ensure that the lodging, the amenities, the homes, the work centers and the green areas harmonize to create a sustainable and nurturing environment. We’re entering interesting times and for me, little is more important than creating places that sustain us, where we can experience true community and connection and where we can live more responsibly in the world.  As we continue to refine our facilities in the years to come to include an educational retreat center and more options for creating conscious community, we will continue to be vigilant about preserving that harmony and balance.

Highland Lake is not a retreat from life. It's a place that brings you closer to it.” 

Kerry Lindsey,
Founder - The Highland Lake Community

Highland Lake Village

Lakefront and Waterfall Cottages

The Boathouse, Gatehouse and Upper & Lower Millhouse

The Garden Hamlet

Second homes and vacation rentals

Highland Lake Village

A traditional neighborhood of distinctive homes in an award-winning community-oriented master plan

The Market Center

Shops, restaurants and support services - in development


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